Sep 5 – 9, 2023
ASU Memorial Union (2nd Floor)
US/Arizona timezone
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General-Purpose Phased Array Learning Kit: Efficient Interference Mitigation

Sep 7, 2023, 4:05 PM
Arizona (MU 221) (ASU Memorial Union 2nd Floor)

Arizona (MU 221)

ASU Memorial Union 2nd Floor

Talk Digital Signal Processing Main Track


Robin Getz (MathWorks)


This presentation introduces a versatile general-purpose phased array learning kit designed to address the critical challenge of interference mitigation in various communication scenarios. The primary focus is on showcasing the effectiveness of null steering techniques in mitigating interference caused by adjacent and overlapping channel interferers. The system features a linear phased array comprising eight antennae operating at a frequency of 10.5 GHz, provided by Analog Devices Inc. The presentation highlights the objective of showcasing the efficiency of null steering in reducing interference levels and improving communication capabilities. A carefully selected single continuous wave (CW) interferer, operating within a +/-10% range of the receiver frequency, was introduced to evaluate the system's performance. Through a combination of simulation and practical implementation, the presentation demonstrates the significant reduction of interference levels in the relevant direction by no less than 30 dB.

This presentation contributes to the advancement of phased array technology and its practical applications in communication systems. The findings underscore the significance of null steering techniques in improving communication capabilities and provide valuable insights for researchers, developers, and practitioners working in the field of interference mitigation and communication systems.

Talk Length 30 Minutes
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Primary authors

Jon Kraft (Analog Devices, Inc.) Robin Getz (MathWorks)

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