Sep 5 – 9, 2023
ASU Memorial Union (2nd Floor)
US/Arizona timezone
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Wireless Signal Processing Education

Sep 8, 2023, 1:00 PM
Arizona (MU 221) (ASU Memorial Union 2nd Floor)

Arizona (MU 221)

ASU Memorial Union 2nd Floor

Paper (with talk) GNU Radio in Education Main Track


Murat Sever (TOBB ETU) Murat Sever (TOBB ETU)


Communication systems, by their nature, have a complex structure that contains multiple technologies. In order to teach communication systems, the steps that need to be taken in order for the signal to be transmitted to reach from the source to the destination are explained by prioritizing the block-based flow-graph. The given theoretical knowledge is consolidated by mostly using examples and assignments given in a selected simulation environment. However, as this method is too abstract, it can make the learning process difficult and can alienate the student from the subject. With the “Communication Educational Kit” project presented in this article, we aim to teach wireless communication with experiments in the real environment, to make theoretical knowledge long-lasting through insightful applications, and to increase the student’s software development ability. In this project, we outline newly developed laboratory coursework that supports undergraduate education through an interactive interface. It can be deployed with two different models. Host-based deployment requires installment on student’s computer; whereas standalone mode includes both hardware on which signal processing will happen and pre-installed software. This educational kit is a low-cost integrated development environment which includes open-architecture hardware and software. The educational material provides the opportunity to analyze signals with different characteristics using various open-source tools and it consists of laboratory modules which are prepared to increase the student’s engagement as well as signal processing and programming skills. The kit is unique with its following features: It is not just limited to one environment but contains general-purpose Software Defined Radio applications, Free and Open Source Software radio toolkit GNU Radio, and JupyterLab notebooks providing interactive coding environment as integral parts of the course. It is language-independent, as of now students can code either in MATLAB or Python, and also remote-ready.

Talk Length 15 Minutes

Primary author

Murat Sever (TOBB ETU)


Prof. Bulent Tavli (TOBB ETU)

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