Sep 20 – 24, 2021
In-Person & Virtual
US/Eastern timezone
In-Person Attendees Please See Updated COVID Information

Logging into chat and joining GRCon'21

On, click on the "Sign In" Button. Welcome screen. Click on "Sign In".

Log in with your credentials. If you don't have a Matrix account yet, see our Guide on Joining the GRCon'21 Chat.

Click on the "Sign In" button.

Log in with your credentials

You're greeted with an overview.

If you want to, you can click on the "Enable" button to allow the chat client to notify you with a little window and a sound when someone mentions you in chat.

If you click "Dismiss", nothing bad happens.

Welcome screen.

Now, find the "GRCon'21" Space on the left side of the screen. Click on it.


You can also directly go to

Click on the space button.

You're greeted with the GRCon'21 space. Here you'll find the relevant chat rooms. Scroll down a bit to see them all.


There's four important rooms right from the start:

  1. GRCon'21 Discussion, where all general discussions take place. This is the place to talk all things about and around the conference.
  2. GRCon'21 Talks, where all discussion on the current talk takes place. Since the conference is very tightly spaced, we dedicate the room to on-talk topics only and would like to encourage everyone to take general discussions to GRCon'21 Discussion.
  3. GRCon'21 Helpdesk. As the name suggests, you can go here with any problem you have regarding the conference. Problems with the chat? Can't find the rooms? Lost your car keys at the in-person venue? We're here to help!
  4. Finally, GRCon'21 Announcements, where the organizers announce important things. You should definitely join to get updates!

Let's join GRCon'21 Discussion. As you can see, you're now in a chat room. There's a few people discussing things.

Chat window.

Since we've acutely got something to say, we'll do exactly that: we click into the field that says "Send a message..." at the bottom of the screen and happily type away.

The Return key sends the message…

Typing Text into the "Send a message..." field

… which then appears as message in the chat to all the others.

Message appears in Chat

There's a few tricks; let us illustrate them:


You can use *text* to make text appear italic.
You can use **text** to make text appear bold.
You can use [link]( to make link link to a URL.

You can even specifically mention other users! Start by typing @, followed by the next few letters. Here, I used @do, then hit the "tab" key on my keyboard to get a list of users that start like this. Now, Doug gets a notification that fantastic_username wrote him.

Typing @Do, then hitting tab

Username appears in chat